Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quick update

I wasn't able to participate in Crafts 4 Eternity Dt Challenge this week, as I spent all day Tuesday in the hospital with my mom. She is dehydrated and mentally not aware, I'm not sure if at 86 I will have to put her in a home instead of with me:-( It's becoming harder for me to care for her and It's stressing me. I wanted to just jump on here and thank everyone for all your kind comments on my cards:-) I will get myself back to the crafts 4 Eternity challenge this next week, Thank you Michele for being understanding. Please everyone think of Mom and myself as I may face a tough decision in the coming weeks


  1. Ah Michele thats so hard, your poor Mum. I can totally understand as i nursed my Mum when she became ill till we finally lost her. You will definitely both be in my prayers and I am sure no matter what decision you make it will be for the best. Big hugs

  2. huge hugs Michele. I'm sorry to hear about your mum and your tough decision. Sending you all lots of healing thoughts. You know my email ady use it if you need to talk hugs xx

  3. Hey Michele, sorry you are going through a tough time. I know it's not a decision to take lightly and your friends are here for you...take care.

  4. Aw Michele honey what an awful time for you. Sending you the strength to make the right choice for all of you.

  5. Sorry to hear about your troubles Michele, hope your mum improves and remember you can´t do everything sweetie. I am thinking of you.
    Nicola -x-