Friday, March 4, 2011

Quick update

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday should have been my day to post for Sundays with Crissy:-( But I had an "eye" Issue, It seems a tiny, Tiny piece of PLASTIC yes I said PLASTIC adhered itself to my Cornea! I have no clue other then it was windy the day before and it may have been in my hair that afternoon :-( anyway it was like 4 hours and 3 doctors, to finally find one that could help me, I don't even want to know my blood pressure cause they were talking about me going to the hospital:-( Anyway it's out but the area started swelling, and my sight was totally blurry, I am a bit better but got really frustrated with my all day coloring, that wasn't up to my coloring skills, so I let my wonderful DT members know I was out for this months challenge but I would love it if you all go to Sundays With Crissy and see what the girls are creating, why not join in:-) Its for the Month of March and the theme is Add stitching real or faux .
I will be back with some kind of creation in a few days when I can see a bit better:-)


  1. Oh no Michele, its sounds so bad. The eyes are so sensitive and it probably needs a good rest now:( I really hope you feel better and the swelling goes down soon. Take care and stay out of the wind :0)

  2. I used to be an Ophthalmic Technician at an eye doctor's office. It's amazing some of the eye injuries that come in. I know your eye must have been so painful. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I pray you will have fast healing and be pain-free very soon. Hang in there. :) Janis

  3. So sorry to hear about your eye Michele I hope you are feeling better soon hugs xx

  4. Yikes, plastic adhered to your cornea?! Sounds so painful. Hope the swelling & pain subside and your eye is healed soon. Hugs & prayers for you.